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It’s inspiring to see how Bruno James has embraced his passion for music and healing others during such a challenging time. Despite the difficulties brought on by COVID-19, he built a music studio called the Dungeon and returned to composing and performing music after almost 30 years. He is rebranding the soprano saxophone and applying it beyond the traditional jazz application.

Bruno’s journey towards his musical career started with a phone call to Richie Cannata, a fellow saxophonist he had met briefly three years prior. Richie embraced Bruno’s desire to wake his dormant musical past and pursue his dual calling as a musician and neurologist. In February 2021, amidst the pandemic, Richie organized a recording session at Cove City Sound Studios, bringing together talented musicians from well-known musical groups.

Following his first recordings in Studio A, Bruno went on to record 10 additional original tracks of various genres in Studio B. He showcases his versatility by blending and incorporating Middle Eastern flavors into his music, making him the first true mixologist saxophonist. During the writing process, Bruno faced unexpected personal challenges that inspired him to write lyrics for the first time. He even ventured into singing and choreographing his own dance style.

Bruno continues writing and co-producing new musical works with Brendan Keenan and Richie Cannata at Cove City Sound Studios while providing neurological care in Long Island, New York. He plans to begin his musical tour in Miami in late fall of 2024.

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