A melodic tribute capturing Cuba’s vibrant culture and natural beauty, blending traditional Cuban music with a modern twist.

Track Inspiration

The allure of Cuba and its captivating music resonates with me on a profound level, evoking a sense of history, passion, and cultural richness that inspires my creativity and fills me with a deep sense of wonder and joy.

Behind the Scenes

The music video for “Cuba” was a vibrant party, with classic cars, boats, lively dancing, and plenty of fun! Each element brought a burst of color and excitement, turning the video into a lively celebration of Cuba’s beauty and charm.


Bruno James, saxophonist, vocalist, writer and producer is an exploratory mystical visionary who fuses a variety of genres into intimate compositions that are able to invite a broad audience into his mission: Healing the world through music. By rebranding the soprano saxophone, Bruno utilizes unique sonorities that push the envelope—a true mixologist. His most recent works display a soulful blend of Pop-Latin fusion, alluding to Middle Eastern and EDM influences. Based out of the legendary New York recording studio: Cove City Sound Studios Bruno has been recently curating projects for release in 2024.

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